The Classic Mouse & Rat Trap - Traditional Wood Traps

The Classic Mouse and Rat Trap by Intruder offer the feel of traditional wood traps without having a warped or cracked base.  Made from engineered wood, these traps withstand universal environments for longer trapping use.  Strong double springs securely hold rodents with no escape.  The oversized plastic trigger has an adjustable hi-lo setting: "H" for a firm setting and "L" for a lighter more sensitive setting ensure a successful catch.

An easy-to-use, economical option that can be disposed of or reused. 

  • Engineered wood base - no cracking or warping
  • Oversized trigger with adjustable hi-lo sensitivity setting
  • Double spring for secure catch and kill
  • Traditional option with economical benefits
  • 100% Guaranteed

Effective on:

The Classic Mousetrap™: Mice, Shrew, small Voles and similar sized rodents 

The Classic Rat Trap™:  Rats and Voles

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