The Better Gluetrap™ Cold Temperature

The Better Gluetrap line offers a simple and cost-effective option for controlling mice, rats, snakes and other unwanted crawling pests.  These heavy-duty, low-profile traps are ready to use - no bait is necessary! A great option for areas where routine checking isn't always possible.

Better Gluetraps are available in two distinct temperature-based adhesives for year-round control. The cold temperature version is specifically formulated for use in areas below 45 degrees.

Customers who spend more than half the year in cold weather climates will benefit from the effectiveness of these catch-on-contact traps, even in temperatures as low as 0 degrees!  Where other glue traps harden and stop trapping at around 40 degrees.... Intruder's special cold formula adhesive guarantee's a successful capture 24/7. A perfect defense against pest invaders in cold locations!

The Better Gluetrap Cold Temperature comes equipped with a protective canopy that can be used in high-traffic areas or where children or pets may come in contact. The canopy also helps to reduce dust and debris on the trap, ensuring longer trapping effectiveness. The only glue trap with added benefits!

Approved for indoor residential and commercial-use applications.


  • Effective in temperatures as low as 0 degrees 
  • Catch-on-contact adhesive
  • Heavy-duty tray, with convenient end tab for secure tie down and easy disposal
  • Ready to use - no bait is necessary
  • Protective canopy included 
  • Great for use in garages, unheated basements, winterized cabins & campers, and walk-in refrigerators

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