The Better Bugtrap™ for Plants

The Better Bugtrap for Plants is the simple and safe way to eliminate flying and crawling plant pests in the home and garden.

These specially designed traps control infestation and break the breeding cycle. The attractive bright butterfly shaped trap can be inserted into potted plants, gardens or hung in trees, greenhouses and other areas affected by aphids, fruit or white flies, leaf miner, gnats, mosquito and more.

The catch-on-contact adhesive is free of pesticides which makes “The Better Bugtrap for Plants” the organic choice for effective trapping and removal of plant pests inside and out!

10 Traps and hang ties included for multiple locations–dispose every three months or when butterfly surface is full.


  • Ready to use
  • Attracts and traps a variety of plant pests: aphids, fruit and white flies, gnats, mosquito, leaf miner and more
  •  Indoor and outdoor use – perfect for house plants, flowers and gardens, greenhouses and organic farming
  • ECO friendly control 
  • Double-sided adhesive for 2X the trapping power
  • Lasts up to 3 months or until butterfly surface is full

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