Good N' Lively Worm Bedding

Good N’ Lively Worm Bedding is the ideal habitat and food source for crawlers. Simply add non-chlorinated water, mix and add worms. Refill or replace bedding to replenish food supply in Crawler Cribs after six weeks (depending on number of crawlers). Available in 2 lb. bags dry or 5 lb. premixed containers for convenience. 
  • Made from clean, odorless material - will not sour or mold
  • Eco-friendly product is 100% biodegradable
  • Product keeps your hands and boat clean
  • 1 lb of Good N' Lively for every 3 dozen crawlers or 100 small worms
  • Made in the USA

Premixed Good N' Lively Worm Bedding comes in a handy transport container - pour as much or as little as you need and seal. Also doubles as a temporary worm storage container - open flap on lid to let air in to crawlers.

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