The Better Rodentrap™

Reusable, Never Touch Disposal

The Better Rodentrap™ uses the same effective technology as the Better Mousetrap, only bigger. The largest rat-style trap available, the Better Rodentrap is sure to succeed against unwanted intruders in the garden, shed or yard. It features a built-in hook to tie or nail the trap down for security. The Better Rodentrap is the simple and effective solution for rats, gophers and chipmunks.

  • Reusable and environmentally friendly: rinse and reset - it’s that simple!
  • Made with tough non-absorbent molded plastic
  • 30% more force than conventional traps
  • Grips rodent tightly and quickly without breaking skin, ensuring no messy blood or odors
  • Specifically designed grooves hold bait secure to guarantee trap success
  • Made in the USA

    100% Guaranteed!

    Effective On:

    Rats, Gophers, Chipmunk, Large Voles and other similar sized rodents

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