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The Better Mousetrap  
The Better Mousetraps

Reusable, Never Touch Disposal


"The Better Mousetrap" is the first sanitary mousetrap of its kind. No more blood or mess in ridding your home of unwanted intruders. Press to set; squeeze to eject. "Never touch" design makes this trap everyone is comfortable using since you never handle the mouse or rodent.

  • Environmentally friendly, child and pet safe. Rinse and reset. It's that simple.
  • Environmentally safe because you don't throw the trap away
    Made of tough non-absorbent molded plastic
  • 30% more force than conventional traps
  • Grips mouse/rodent tightly quickly suffocating without breaking skin. No messy blood or odors
  • Specifically designed grooves hold bait secure to guarantee success and eliminate your pesky visitor

100% Guaranteed!


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The Better Mousetrap

Farm pack 6 single traps.

Great for Voles in the garden!


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